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Unblock Your Toilet Fast

Unblock your toilet without damaging your plumbing. Unblock Cumbria Ltd in Workington, Cumbria, specialises in clearing blockages from drains, pipes, sewers, and sinks safely and efficiently.

Cleaning & Waste Disposal

Make sure your plumbing system is clean and well maintained. We clean tanks, interceptors, and wet walls with full documentation. We also dispose of waste at licensed facilities.


Repairs to pipes and sewers can be messy and expensive. We offer fast, affordable repairs via excavation or no-dig technologies. We install liners and patch repairs and have robotic equipment that can be used to open up lateral connections after lining. We also maintain and repair road and car park gullies.

Bathroom - Unblock Your Toilet

24-Hour Emergency Call-Outs

Call us at any time of the day or night for emergency service. You will be connected to a member of our senior management team who will provide you with a fast and reliable solution to your drain problem.

Contact us to unblock your toilet fast.